see what clients are saying about GBED.

Trey has worked with my son and daughter for awhile now and the results have been outstanding. Trey has a unique ability to relate with the kids and get them
motivated in a way I couldn’t even as a parent. Positive reinforcement and discipline with his unique way of delivery has been more than worth it. Can’t say enough good stuff and we will continue to train with Trey for as long as he will do it!
— Doug A, Parent, U10 Girl and U9 Boy
I’ve been training and working with Trey since I was 12 years old. He’s helped me improve as a person and as a player both mentally and physically. I hope to continue training with him in the future. GBED!
— Aaron S, Player, Age 18
The amount of care and precision Trey uses for his training is unlike anything I’ve seen before. There is a genuine interest in the development of the player and passion for improvement that really outlines the true meaning of GBED. You won’t find many programs like this, 10/10 recommend!
— Reggie N, Player, Age 18
Trey has been instrumental in my sons development as a soccer player and as a person. My son has been able to build on his skills as he transitioned from club soccer to High School and now looking towards competitive college opportunities. The training is focused, and produces immediate results. The value my son gains every time he works with Trey is physically psychologically and personally. Thanks Trey for bringing this valuable training to Brevard!
— Katie S, Parent, U18 Boy
Training with Trey has been an amazing experience. Trey not only gives amazing training with physical skills, but he also brings in the mental side that only a few elite trainers do. He lives the GBED lifestyle perfectly and is an inspiration to many people. It has been great going to these training sessions because I get to improve at not just soccer in these sessions, but also get to improve on my viewpoint of life.
— Sean M, Player, Age 18
I was Trey’s high school coach and now get to coach together with him. He has always been great at every level, on the field and in the classroom. We have won multiple state championships together; 2 with him on the field and 2 coaching alongside him. Trey earned a scholarship to JU, captained the UF club team, and was an All-American as a graduate student at Florida Tech in his hometown. As a coach he is a natural because he always puts a lot of thought and enthusiasm into what he does. We make a great team of experience and new ideas. I would trust Trey with any coaching job at any level.
— Jerry M, Coach, Melbourne High
Leaping from rec to competitive soccer, there were skills my son felt he was missing and his confidence was waning. GBED training and the positive mindset it inspires has had an immediate and remarkable impact on my child. All components of the sport are worked on (including mental skills!). Trey has the expertise to pinpoint and target my son’s strengths and weaknesses. He also encourages my son to think for himself about areas of the game that he wants to work on and targets those too. It’s exciting to watch the skills my son is learning carry over to the big field. His confidence is soaring and he loves the game again.
— Tammy H, Parent, U14 Boy
Trey has worked with my U11 boys team the past two seasons. The gbed philosophy that he teaches the boys has made them not only better players, but better people. He has had such a positive influence on the team and they are learning the fundamentals of soccer in a very fun environment. Trey’s accomplishments and experiences as a player growing up in the Melbourne area along with his academic achievements make him a role model for young players that want to succeed in sports and life. Thanks Trey!
— Tim W, Coach, U12 Boys
Trey worked with my 10yr old daughter, Camryn for several months. She was on a U11 Travel Team (playing up an age group) but needed some extra training on the side. Camryn is very shy but Trey made her feel comfortable and helped boost her confidence. I definitely saw improvement in her skills after only a couple sessions. Camryn now loves doing exercises using the agility ladder and is always on her toes. Unfortunately we moved out of state in June but Trey made a huge impact on my daughter. He’s excellent with kids and well worth the money! Thanks again Trey!
— Sarah J, Parent, U11 Girl
GBED is such an awesome philosophy to live by. Thank you Trey for teaching and training my children about the importance of ALL aspects of competing in soccer. Thank you for embracing GBED and sharing your talent. Both of my children are better soccer players thanks to you. Even better, they are kinder and try their personal best as you have inspired.
— Lisa V, Parent, U15 Girl and U14 Boy
Trey’s training has helped me so much in the past year. I’ve seen my self grow as a player and person. The constant motivation has helped me through the way and overall GBED is an amazing program to be a part of!
— Kishan G, Player, Age 18
With every training session Trey encompasses the GBED message. Simply and purely he is there to make everyone better. His training is extremely effective because he has played soccer at high levels and his training comes from personal experience of what does and doesn’t work in games. Along with his training being very practical, it’s extremely intense and enjoyable.
— Nick B, College Athlete @ UNF, Age 18
Trey is amazing! He is a living example of all that GBED stands for. My son works with him weekly and has significantly improved his first touch, passing range and accuracy and all around understanding of the game. What I love most about Trey is the enthusiasm he has for the game, and for life. He is such a great example for all the players, young and old!
— Dianna H, Parent, U14 Boy
GBED is absolutely phenomenal. Trey has taught me so much as a player and as a person, and he’s the first person I go to for soccer advice. I’m so excited to be a part of his training for the future!
— Jakob C, Player, Age 18
Trey has worked with my team this off season in small group sessions as well as full team sessions. He is very knowledgeable, energetic and positive. He pushes the girls to get better every day and they respond! His work on the field and in the classroom is inspiring as well. Definitely a role model for young players.
— Brendan M, Coach, U16 Girls
GBED has become a term we use with our kids on a regular basis, reminding them to always give their all and do their best in whatever it is they are doing. My son really enjoys training with Trey and has learned so much from him. He wears his GBED gear proudly!
— Stacy S, Parent, U14 Boy